Blockchain Info

  • Inflation10.00%
  • Staking APR25.73%

Token Info

  • Token Namee-Money
  • Token SymbolNGM
  • Max Supply--
  • Total Supplymore then 100,000,000

Blockchain Summary

e-Money is an electronic payment system and store of value operating in the financial services industry. The concept and technology is developed by Block Finance A/S, a Danish Fintech company who are innovating new technologies that bridge traditional financial services and distributed ledger technology.

The company vision is to create a level playing field, providing equal access to transparent financial services, on a global scale, while greatly reducing cost. To that end, e-Money intends to release a range of currency-backed stablecoins in a system that is fair and transparent, accessible for all, and with near-zero fees, instant settlements, and immediate finality. eMoney is not designed to act as a wholesale replacement for the existing financial system, but can instead be thought of as the layer two solution for traditional finance.

Source: Whitepaper